North Dakota Society of Health-System Pharmacists

Health- System Pharmacist of the Year

Established in 1998, this award is given annually to an individual of high moral character, good citizenship, and elevated professional ideals. The recipient has made significant contributions to health-system pharmacy, including sustained exemplary service, an outstanding single achievement, or a combination of accomplishments benefiting the profession and public health. These may include achievements or outstanding performance that relates to health-system pharmacy: Practice, education, or administration; Research or development; Organizational activities; Scientific or professional writing; Journalism; Public and/or inter-professional relations activities; or Law, legislation, regulation, or standards of professional conduct. 

1998  Cynthia Naughton - Fargo
1999  Dorothy Sander - Bismarck
2000  Karen Finck - Jamestown
2001  Jeffrey Zak – Grand Forks
2002  John Savageau - Bismarck
2003  Robert Nelson - Fargo
2004  Carrie Sorenson - Bismarck
2005  Jill McRitchie - Lisbon
2006  Joan Johnson - Mandan
2007  Susan Wolf Nelson – Fargo                                                                                                                                                                                               
2014  Dave Sandberg – Williston 

2015  Lisa Richter – Fargo                                                                                                                                                                                                             2016  Dawn Mayer –Bismarck                                                                                                                                                                                                     

2017  Erik Christenson – Rugby

2018 Mark Plencner - Fargo

2019 Maari Loy - Casselton

2020 Greg Fritz - Bismarck

2021 Katie Galbreath - West Fargo

2022 Anne Meyer - West Fargo

2023 Brody Maack - Kindred


Award of Excellence in Medication Use Safety

May be conferred annually to an individual or group of individuals in recognition of a specific recent contribution or achievement that has advanced the ability of hospital and health-system pharmacists in North Dakota to serve the needs of patients through improved medication safety processes. Pharmacists and non-pharmacists are eligible. The award is intended to recognize an individual or group of individuals for a recent singular, significant achievement or contribution rather than for career-long contributions. Include the following information when submitting your nomination: Professional position of the nominee (or individuals in a group) at the time of the contribution or achievement; Current professional position of the nominee or individuals in a group; Summary of the contribution or achievement; Brief statement about how the contribution or achievement advanced the ability of hospital and health-system pharmacists to serve the needs of patients, and Brief statement about why the contribution or achievement is of significance.

2014    Sanford Medical Center Bismarck – Discharge Medication Reconciliation Program; Bismarck

             Tom Simmer, John Savageu, Alison Black and Andrea Honeyman

2015    Trinity Health – SmartPump Infusion Implementation; Minot

             Laura Olson-Sinn, Rachel Schaan, Lisa Loken

2016    CHI Mercy Medical – Medication Safety Officer; Williston

             Wendy Baisch

2017    Heart of America Medical Center- Technician Led Medication Reconciliation Program; Rugby

             Danielle McDermott

2018    Sanford Medical Center Fargo 2017 Residency Class - Elizabeth Olafson, Sydney Johnk, Megan Hansen, Todd Chapin, Jeremy Grindeland

2019   Jamestown Regional Medical Center - Brian Ament

2020   Essentia Health - Chronic Opioid Analgesic Therapy (COAT) program; Allison Hursman 

2021   Miranda Baumgartner, North Dakota Department of Health - COVID-19 Vaccine and Monoclonal Antibody Distribution

2022   Essentia Health Fargo - Automation in Sterile Compounding; Jordann Hoernemann, Lori Crandall, Brittany Carrisalez

2023 Essentia Health Fargo - Transitions of Care Acute Care Service; Nicole Diveley, Sydney Armbrust, Kelli Pavlicek, Maari Loy

2024 Sanford Health Fargo - Specialty Pharmacy; Jill Ostby, Ashlee Anderson


Best Practice Award

This award has recognized outstanding practitioners in health-system pharmacy who have successfully implemented innovative systems that demonstrate best practices in health-system pharmacy. Eligibility: Applicants must be practicing in a health-system setting, such as an ambulatory care clinic, chronic care, home health care, inpatient care, or outpatient pharmacy. More than one successful program from a health system may be submitted for consideration. Applicants will be judged based on the following criteria: Originality and innovative nature of the program, Significance of the program to the health system, Demonstration of improvements, Significance of the program to pharmacy practice advancement, and Quality of the descriptive report.

2014    Sanford Medical Center Fargo – Antimicrobial Stewardship Program; Fargo

             Jesse Breidenbach, Emily Perry, Jeana Mork-Youness, Katie Hanson and David Leedahl

2015    Altru Pharmacy – Telepharmacy Program; Grand Forks

             Jenny Metz

2016    Sanford Medical Center Fargo – Ambulatory Care Practice; Fargo

             Monte Roemmich

2017    Family HealthCare Pharmacy, NDSU; Fargo

             Sue Nelson, Jennifer Iverson, Betty Lee, Nicole Wald, Miguel Buisan Catevilla,Tonya Soper and Brody Maack 

2018   Sanford Mayville Medical Center

    Sara Vaagene, Hatton

2019    Trinity Health; Minot

     Meds4U Program, Carolyn Seehafer

2020     Trinity Health; Minot

              Terry Altringer, Carolyn Seehafer, Ramona Sorenson

2021      Essentia Health Fargo, Pharmacy Technician Tier Structure; Fargo

Lori Crandall

2022      Essentia Health Fargo - Hospital Care at Home Pharmacy Program

McKenzie Hill, Maari Loy

2023      Essentia Health Fargo - Controlled Substances Best Practices

Brittany Carrisalez, Maari Loy, Lori Crandall, Amanda Meyer

Pharmacy Practice Literature Award

The Pharmacy Practice Literature Award recognizes an outstanding original contribution to the peer-reviewed biomedical literature related to pharmacy practice in hospitals and health-systems. The award is given annually to the author(s) of an important contribution of original research relevant to health-system pharmacy practice published during the calendar year preceding the state convention. Eligibility: The article submitted for the Pharmacy Practice Literature Award must have been published in a PubMed-indexed, peer-reviewed biomedical journal in the last calendar year. This article will be included in the nomination. For this award, the applicant must be a pharmacist. The applicant must be either the first or second author listed on the nominated article. To be eligible for this award, the applicant must have participated in each of the following: Substantial contributions to conception and design, or acquisition of data, or analysis and interpretation of data; Drafting the article or revising it critically for important intellectual content; and Final approval of the version to be published.

2014 David Leedahl – West Fargo

2015 Wendy Brown – Fargo

2016 Carlina Grindeland – Fargo

2017 Nathan Leedahl – Fargo

2018 Justin Jones - Fargo

2019 Jodi Atterberg - Fargo

2020  Natasha Petry - Fargo

2021 Max Enzmann - Fargo

2022 Natasha Petry - Fargo

2023 Diane Halvorson - Fargo

2024 Saidee Oberlander - Fargo



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